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How can social media be used to improve internal and external communications in recruitment?

December 19, 2013   By: Richard Raudon

Social Media: A critical component of recruitment

Ted Elliott, CEO of Jobscience talks with Greg Savage about the tools recruiters should use to improve internal communication within their organisation.

2cloudnine  are the exclusive Asia Pacific partners of Jobscience. This video was filmed by the 2cloudnine team during Ted’s recent visit to Australia in October 2013.

Greg Savage is the founder of leading recruitment companies Firebrand Talent Search, People2People and Recruitment Solutions. He is an established global leader of the recruitment industry and a regular keynote speaker worldwide.

Ted Elliott is regarded as a pioneer in the adoption of CRM for recruitment, and has a vision to connect companies with great people by using cloud-computing applications. Ted believes that automation, integration and cloud delivery are key to driving value for today’s social enterprises.

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