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Greg Savage introduces the 2015 Acumen Series

November 11, 2014   By: Adam Edmondson

2cloudnine is delighted to continue its sponsorship of the RCSA Acumen Series, hosted by industry heavyweight Greg Savage.

The golden days for agency recruiters are about to re-emerge, but only for those who reinvent, retool, evolve and reboot. For the rest, the future is grim.

In working towards success in the new Golden Age of Recruitment, Greg Savage promises to share significant insight into how to unlock the growth, profits and opportunities that the future offers, including new ideas on:

  • ‣ Modern business development
  • ‣ Understanding the mindset of the ´future customer’  – candidate and client
  • ‣ The new world of candidate acquisition and talent identification
  • ‣ E-sourcing and digital search
  • ‣ Consultant profile and hiring criteria
  • ‣ Attitudes and tactics that will send you bust
  • ‣ Recruitment = marketing
  • ‣ Building communities via CRM, social and IRL
  • ‣ Cost base and business structure for the new era
  • ‣ The technology ´must haves’!
  • ‣ Revenue mix and strategy
  • ‣ Re-defining roles in our recruitment business.
  • ‣ Making real money out of temp and contract
  • ‣ The 5 greatest new recruiter strategies to increase billings by 25%


Learn  more about the series on the RCSA website here – and follow us on social media to keep up to date with the latest news on the RCSA Acumen Series!

[Adam Signoff]

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