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Why CRM technology will drive your business forward

June 24, 2015   By: Simon Bishop

One of the things I love about my role is working with our customers to implement and identify something which is going to make a measurable change to their business.

Much of the time when we’re going through the process of scoping and defining what they need in order to pick up and drive their business forward, it’s a conversation about how we can save time and effort throughout the recruitment or placement process, or it’s about visibility of data over the whole company.

For the past six months or so though I’ve felt like there was something missing from the conversation – we’d be talking about how Jobscience could generate savings and make things more efficient for companies, but we didn’t really talk about what happens next. Because that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Taking the business to the next level, stepping everything up a notch and growing?

So it was great to be able to sit in on Greg’s Acumen series and listen to him go to town on the future of the recruitment industry. It really crystallised a lot of what I’d been thinking about into something tangible.

Saving money and being able to do more using a technology is only part of the puzzle. A good technology should be a marketing and sales enabler. It has to be. It’s completely logical. If you want your business to succeed, everything that you’re doing must link in some way to being able to build your business. The capacity of your systems to enable that sales and marketing approach is what will give you the ability to drive your business forward.

stock-mobile-officeThat’s what I saw time and again in Greg’s presentations – what people should be doing, what managers should be doing, how recruiters should be engaging with candidates and clients AND how your technology should be supporting this for you (without you having to lift a finger.. or click a button)

Naturally I was keen to take this to market immediately and in the first conversations I had with clients it was like something had clicked. Suddenly we’re talking the exact same language – how are we going to help them to move forward? How is Jobscience going to get them new candidates, new customers, new opportunities?

As Jobscience is built on the Salesforce.com platform, the answers are straightfoward and very easy. Use marketing tools like Marketing Cloud. Use best practices to rank, track and engage with your clients and candidates. Take on simple tactics – like reaching out to your candidate database and giving them something of value, then having your database tell you what opportunities to call.

That capability is built right into Salesforce.com, it’s what Salesforce.com was built for!

Thanks, Greg, once again for the series and for giving me a new context on what we can give to our customers: the platform that will take their business further.


Simon Bishop Simon Bishop, Business Development Manager at 2cloudnine. Connect with Simon Bishop on LinkedIn



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