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Support Update: October 2015

October 16, 2015   By: Administrator

Support Rollout


Following the D5 releases from Jobscience, it’s time to look at the enhancements that the Support team are rolling out to customers across Asia Pacific.

First off – the Jobscience Advanced Contact Search and Sovren Resume Parser will be retired in January 2016.

It’s going to be replaced by Jobscience PowerSearch and new Daxtra Resume Parser. We’ll be working to assist 2cloudnine supported customers as they migrate from the legacy tools onto the new packages – it’s now time to book in to commence the move from the old system to the new and to upskill your teams.

About PowerSearch

Click here to launch the D5 webinar detailing Powersearch →

PowerSearch removes many of the limitations of the Advanced Contact Search, with a powerful new candidate search engine. Upgrading to PowerSearch means

  • quicker searching response
  • no limits on number of retrieved records
  • cleaner, intuitive, responsive user interface
  • deeper search (retrieves information from more areas of the database)

About Daxtra

Jobscience has also introduced a more comprehensive and sophisticated resume parsing tool (Daxtra Parser). Daxtra Parser allows:

  • Faster parsing
  • Multi-lingual parsing support
  • Enhanced media and formatting handling (images, tables, fonts)
  • Deep content retrieval
  • Broader skills taxonomies


Salesforce Lightning

If you’re actively using a Sandbox, you may start to see invitations to experience the “Salesforce Lightning User Interface when you log in.

Please note that Jobscience is not configured for the Lightning interface, and enabling Lightning will immediately cause errors. Please do not enable Lightning – if you do, contact Jaime Brooks (support@2cloudnine.com) for support and instructions to disable it.

Jaime Brooks Jaime Brooks, Support Manager at 2cloudnine. Connect with Jaime Brooks on LinkedIn

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