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Grow your business with acumen

February 22, 2016   By: Adam Edmondson

Our motto at 2cloudnine is ‘We take your business further’.

The reason 2cloudnine exists is to assist organisations to grow, transform and become more successful.

We chose to enter the rapidly moving world of recruitment just five years ago because we saw an industry that was about to be transformed.

While there were a number of technologies available for the recruitment market, they focussed on one small sliver of the overall business process associated with recruitment – marketing, sales, contingent workforce management, applicant tracking and candidate engagement. No one product or service did everything on a single integrated technology platform – let alone one that was flexible and cloud based. We saw a clear opportunity.

Critical to realising this opportunity was the establishment of key partnerships with Jobscience and Salesforce.com who had the core application and technology platform that could help us realise our vision.

We then set about assembling a suite of components on Salesforce’s platform that would serve the changing needs and business models of agencies. Just as important was building a team of experts who would help customers successfully implement, grow and then continue to extract value from their investment.

As we brought our platform to market we encountered a wide variety of people in the recruitment industry, with varying opinions on what we were doing, what we were developing. These ranged from incredulity to curiosity to calculation to outright enthusiasm. Change can be hard in a competitive industry; being agents for change is harder!

Our early adopters – including Greg Savage – looked forward and saw the benefits that a unified platform could provide, then went ahead to realise that vision. Their success is writ large, as Greg will attest in his presentations during the upcoming Acumen series.

At the same time other innovators in other industries, ranging from automotive manufacturers to energy companies to FMCG giants, were all breaking new ground with Salesforce.com. They built better customer engagement, stronger processes and integrated the CRM ethos into their businesses.

The organisations we are engaging with now are no different. They want the ability to grow, innovate, gain efficiencies and to transform their businesses at the same time as ensuring they are investing in services and partners that are robust, secure and scalable.

That’s why the 2016 Acumen Series is so close to our own hearts –  transitioning from here and now to the where and how. The series promises insights, shared acumen, strategies and discussions with business owners that in many ways reflect the conversations we’ve had over the past years – Where do you want to get to? What are your growth aspirations?  How do we help take your business further?

Once again we are very proud to be associated with these events and with the Australian recruitment and staffing industry. The Masterclasses presented by Greg are always packed with genuine insight, acumen, value. If you’ve not already registered – make sure you sign up (through the links below). 2cloudnine team members will be present at every one of the RCSA Acumen Series in New Zealand and Australia – we look forward to seeing you there.

Powering Profit in Disrupted Times – Register here

All the best


Adam Edmondson Adam Edmondson, Director and Founder at 2cloudnine. Connect with Adam Edmondson on LinkedIn

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