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The long and winding road to software consultant

February 25, 2016   By: Jackie Davies

If you had asked me 20 years ago what I wanted to be when I grew up I don’t think a software consultant would have featured anywhere near the top of the list.

Jackie Davies (Photo)I left school with the clear intention of being a primary school teacher, I loved my time at Teacher’s College and used the fact that teachers were a sought after profession in the UK to start my travels overseas.  I arrived in London fresh faced and headed into the recruitment office to eagerly await my first assignment.  Four years later and I was ready to head off to the next adventure in Melbourne – preferably one where the risk of finishing the day covered in paint and crayon was significantly reduced.

After dealing with a great recruitment company in the UK I decided that was what I wanted to try my hand at next.  I arrived in Melbourne and worked my way into a recruitment company where I had my first office job – what a steep but rewarding learning curve!  I was lucky enough in this role to move into a mentoring/tutoring role where I was able to combine some of my love of teaching with my new found love of recruitment and helping people find work.

A few years of thriving in the recruitment industry and I was ready for another challenge and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to move into a national training role within a large, global recruitment company – I learnt so much in this role – I was dealing with people every day, I was using my education background and consolidating everything I had learned about recruitment.  I was also given the opportunity to work on a large scale software implementation project where I really learnt a lot about myself – this is where I realised that I am a very logical, methodical thinker and I thoroughly enjoyed working on that project.  

After finishing that project I started actively looking for a role that would combine my love of recruitment, recruitment software and working with people.  When I came across the software consultant position at 2cloudnine, it was a perfect fit.  

I work with Jobscience which is a great system, I get to work with amazing clients to determine the best solutions for them and I still get to do some training – trying to break down some of the complexities of Jobscience and Salesforce into a way an end user can use.

I can’t say this latest transition has been easy.  I walked in here about 9 months ago, probably a little over confident in my abilities – I’ve never had any issues with learning new systems before – I thought this would be a walk in the park.  My managers advised that it would take 6-12 months to really get to know Jobscience and Salesforce and I scoffed – I was sure I would have it down pat in a matter of weeks.

Since then I have truly begun to appreciate the enormity of Salesforce as a platform – there have been some days where I believed I could not possibly absorb any more learning, that my brain was literally full.  However, slowly, things are starting to make sense – I’m asking fewer questions each day and get a thrill every time I am able to resolve a solution on my own (with a little help from Google of course).  There will always be more to learn which I am excited about – I know I will never be bored or feel complacent in this role, there are constant updates, new products to learn and new problems to solve for our clients.

My past experiences are varied and it’s hard to see how I have ended up in this role which I absolutely love, but if you think about it there are aspects of all of my past roles; I have the opportunity to train and teach people, I work with clients that are in the recruitment industry and I work with an amazing software system which am, and will continue to learn every day.

My experience has taught me that if you work hard and grab every opportunity that is offered to you then you can end up anywhere – don’t be afraid to step away from what you studied and try something new.

Jackie DaviesJackie Davies (Photo) is an Implementation Consultant at 2cloudnine. Connect with Jackie Davies on LinkedIn



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