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What you never knew about Marketing Cloud

February 25, 2016   By: Administrator

Here’s three simple use cases and three pieces of functionality that will take your business further – available exclusively through  Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud.

With the market hitting its stride in the first quarter of 2016, it’s a great time to take a look at your marketing efforts and understand where digital marketing – and Marketing Cloud – could take you.

As always, if you’re interested in exploring where marketing tools could take your business, please do get in contact through the buttons below.


Use Case 1: Share your insight.

AudienceWe exist in a world where people broadcast their personal brands and that is a carrier of who they are. Yet there are relatively few who are sharing good, original content.

Consumers of content expect to gain something from engaging with you. That’s why you see so many articles title ‘Seven ways to…’ or ‘This one shocking trick…’ – these promise a snippet of entertainment in reward for your attention.

Your experiences, your insight, are valuable to the people you interact with. It’s a matter of capturing this insight and sharing it. As recruiters, you have a critical advantage – you’ll already know who these audiences are – and you’ve already got their contact details on file.

Link the two up. Capture your thoughts, your insights into the industry, your experiences. Keep them in one place – a blog, your website, even your LinkedIn profile. Then share this with your audiences.


Use Case 2: Present opportunities directly.

clientsEver try to talk to a small group of people in a large room full of noisy people? It requires that you’re either louder than everyone else, can capture everyone’s attention, or can time your announcement perfectly.

As mainstream media (and this includes the likes of career sites and job boards) becomes ever more crowded, it is very useful to be able to engage directly with your audiences on a one-to-one basis. This provides the opportunity to have a 1:1 conversation with them as opposed to trying to broadcast over the top of everyone else.

Email marketing provides a unique avenue in this regard as the interaction is direct and one-to-one. Hence it’s ideal for presenting opportunities, ideas and invitations to your candidates and clients.


Use Case 3: Stay top of mind.

stock-windmillThe natural ebb and flow of business interactions means that your name and your business only exist in the attentions of your customers when they hear from your – or when they need you.

There are many ways in which you can manage your customer outreach. One of the least intrusive and most effective is automated email.

Marketing tools have become more sophisticated in recent years and can merge parts of emails together to provide what appears to be a one to one personalised email from you or your business, but is in fact a template email sent out to a wide group of people.

This ongoing contact means that your brand, your name and your contact details stay in front of the people who need you.


Three features of Marketing Cloud you might not know about


1. Showing people what they want to see

youtube_on_phoneMarketing Cloud supports Dynamic Content – a method where different parts of an email can be switched depending on different attributes of a recipient.

For instance, you could send a ‘keep in touch’ email out to your candidates which includes a hot job.

Why not take this approach to the next level?

Show them a hot job which matches their skills profile or previous applications – all automatically. They’re far more likely to apply for a role targeted to them.

All you’d need to do is load their skills profile into Marketing Cloud and provide the job links in the email – Marketing Cloud would do the rest, merging the job information into the email automatically.


2. Identifying who is who on your website

animals-dots-ladybirdEver wonder who’s actually browsing your website and where they end up? If you’re running Google Analytics, you can link it up with Marketing Cloud’s Conversion Tracking feature.

When a person clicks on a link in a Marketing Cloud email, it notifies your website who that person is – which allows you to track the next action they take.

You’ll quickly find out what your subscribers do after they land on your website.

If you’re interested in deeper insight than just what they did next, the Marketing Cloud Pro Edition includes in-page tracking which identifies the entire journey of a user across your emails, social media engagements and website.


3. Share your website posts automatically

arduinoWe get it, generating content and sharing it can be a cumbersome task.

Marketing Cloud can help, though. Through a neat little bit of kit called AMPScript, Marketing Cloud can grab information from your website – blog posts, news items and so on – and display them in your email, without you having to do anything at all.

Enter your data in once – on your website – and it’ll appear automatically in your emails.



That’s it for today – but you can find out more below!

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