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Racing ahead in 2016 with Salesforce and Jobscience

March 21, 2016   By: Jesse Windebank

We’re racing ahead here at 2cloudnine…

It’s been a couple of months since my last blog and I keep getting hassled by our Marketing Lead to get my content in otherwise I will miss my slot! We’re racing ahead here at 2cloudnine.

I’d normally have a complete post all lined up ready to go, however the past weeks have been absolutely crazy. It’s a high tempo time of year for 2cloudnine. All of our clients are really hitting their straps and racing to get their projects live on time and within budget.

By my count we have a dozen implementations running simultaneously. These range in size from preconfigured Workforce Edition rollouts to a couple of very large, sophisticated Jobscience projects that are racing towards release. No mean feat, even for a team of 20! More about those later.

In the past three months we’ve added three new staff, too. Check out our updated staff page here to familiarise yourselves with the team and the wealth of expertise they’re bringing to our clients.

Speaking of clients, part of the increased tempo is racing to stay ahead of their requirements. More than ever our clients are challenging us to push the technical boundaries to provide them a competitive advantage. It helps that we’re leveraging the world’s most innovative enterprise technology platform Salesforce.com.

There is so much innovation happening at the minute with both Jobscience and Salesforce! A significant portion of our time is being spent working through all the new ideas that come with the new system capability and functionality. From there, we work out how we can introduce these opportunities to our customers in order to take their businesses further.

So we’re racing ahead here at 2cloudnine! Hope the first quarter of the year has been suitably productive for you and your teams as well.

Jesse Windebank Jesse Windebank, Consulting Practice Lead at 2cloudnine. Connect with Jesse on LinkedIn | Twitter | Strava

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