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Got Salesforce certification, will travel

June 14, 2016   By: Bernadette Grinyer

Certification: A sense of achievement

For many of us here at 2cloudnine, the road to becoming a Jobscience or Salesforce Consultant has been long and varied. We have staff from a number of disciplines with such a differing set of core skills and certification that our offering of expertise to clients is diverse and robust, which is something we take particular pride in and that sets us apart from the pack.

However, making the leap from being a top performer in your “past life” to becoming a successful consultant is often a very rocky and testing time, as Jackie explores in her post The Long and Winding Road.

I joined 2cloudnine having had a small amount of experience as a Salesforce Administrator and end user, completely unprepared for the volumes of learning I would have to do to get up to speed on both the Jobscience and Salesforce product offerings. There was definitely a fair amount of time where I questioned the wisdom of making the jump from recruitment to consulting, as I struggled to make the workings of this behemoth seem like second nature to me.

We ask a lot of our consultants in their first 6 – 12 months, and the very independent nature of the job means that it can often be very hard to know personally how you are doing.

This was certainly the case for me when, though I had not sat an exam for perhaps 15 years, I signed up to sit the salesforce certified administrator exam for my ADM201 certification. I had been put through my paces as supporting Consultant on a number of engagements, and it was time to put my money where my mouth was.

The preamble to the exam made it seem like a walk in the park: Multiple choice questions, a product and a subject I felt I knew back to front, and a 65% passing score. How hard could it be?

Imagine my surprise when, after confidently clicking the “submit” button after racing through the 60 questions in record time, the result appeared: “Fail”.

Not willing to accept defeat, I embarked on my very first study cram period in 15 years and learned the depth of the platform afresh. There are a wealth of Salesforce resources out there, from the official training courses (online or instructor led), to blogs and practice exams. Exploring them all not only increased my confidence in passing the exam on the next try, but also expanded my ability to assess and provide solution designs to clients.

It was with a higher degree of humility that I approached the exam for the second time, and with a sense of foreboding that I clicked the submit button after using up all of my allotted exam time in reviewing each question afresh at least twice over to ensure I had understood the questions properly.

Seeing the result come up, “Pass”, was like an independent affirmation of how much I had learned. Since then, we have had many consultants commence with 2cloudnine, and I have had the pleasure of seeing them have the same sense of achievement as they have studied for and passed their Administrator exams.

Bernadette Grinyer Bernadette Grinyer is the Front Office Lead at 2cloudnine. Connect with Bernadette Grinyer on LinkedIn

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