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What are the worst decisions a recruitment leader can make?

The majority of recruitment companies in Australia are small businesses. Regrettably, the majority of failed recruitment companies in Australia were also small businesses.

For an organisation to be sustainable, to grow, to deliver value for its owners requires endeavour; in turn this brings risk, difficult decisions, potential failure.

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What are the worst mistakes you can make on social media?

Social media promised and promises to deliver so very much value for organisations. Yet there are many pitfalls to a poorly managed social programme.

Learn what to avoid on social in this short video by Greg and Chris Savage. Read more http://www.gregsavage.com.au | http://www.chrisjohnsavage.com.au

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Are the top recruitment companies ‘winning’ through new technologies?

The message is slowly getting through that digital marketing is a must-have for any recruiter, but recruitment companies have been slow to adapt and adopt new technologies as they arise.

This begs the question: how big is the gap between market leaders and followers? What does the landscape look like for companies that do invest?

Just how much of an advantage is a digital programme?

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What does innovation mean to the recruitment industry?

It’s easy to claim that ‘innovation’ is the panacea to any business struggling or stuck in a rut, but what does this actually mean?

Chris and Greg Savage discuss the nature of innovation in the recruitment industry, the wider communication and external industries, providing insight into not only innovation but what enables it and who innovates well.

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Acting on Managerial Insights

You’re a business owner looking to make changes to your company.

You’re committed to moving forward and your managers are part of that roadmap.

You’ve spoken with them to understand what they do in the business

What next?

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What questions should you ask your managers?

Having acknowledged that change is required in their business and that decisions must be made to make it profitable, business owners are faced with a dilemma: where to begin.

Understanding what is happening inside the business is a critical knowing how and where to effect change.

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Why do recruitment companies fail to grow?

The majority of recruitment companies in Australia number 10 people or fewer. It’s these agencies who are the most at risk from changes in the market, from external forces and most at risk of shutting down.

When we talk to the owners, they certainly have the desire and aspiration to grow their businesses – why, then, do they not break the 10 person threshold and grow into medium enterprise?

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Is the recruitment industry dysfunctional?

The recruitment industry, worldwide, is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. On a daily basis recruiters interact with hundreds of millions of candidates, applicants and clients – and manage to do so without a single, tangible product changing hands. This…

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