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Grow your business with acumen

Adam Edmondson “The reason 2cloudnine exists is to assist organisations to grow, transform and become more successful. That’s why the 2016 Acumen Series is so close to our own hearts – transitioning from here and now to the where and how. “

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“Here, open this”

Why it is that any major technical development requires so much ‘discovery’ and ‘technical analysis’ – yet still does not guarantee the right outcome, or any outcome at all?

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The Great Road Trip

What would it be like if a typical 2cloudnine project was a road trip?

Our projects are journeys of transformation: we take our clients from their current business landscape to a new business landscape – one that they have dreamt about, thought about, read all the brochures and decided it’s where they want to take their business ‘family’.

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What’s the worst that could happen?

Our customers have a lot of attachment to their data – rightly so as it represents their time, effort and in many cases intellectual property. One of the niceties of working with cloud technology is that beyond the basic tools for undelete or recycle bin, there aren’t a lot of options for restoring data.

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