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Introducing daXtra.

Find the best, find them fast, find them first.

Daxtra logoDaxtra lets recruiters search recruitment CV data with a powerful and intelligent resourcing tool that exploits multiple in-house and Online Talent Communities.

By searching your CRM database and all available Job-boards and Internet networking sites simultaneously, intuitively filtering and sorting, down to the most relevant shortlist, you can get the best candidates in front of your clients quicker than ever before.

Not only does DaXtra Search aggregate searching, it integrates directly into your CRM database, meaning that the CV data you already own is exploited to maximum effect.

Using DaXtra’s own Natural Language semantic meta-search technology, your Recruiters no longer need to learn the intricacies of the inbuilt CRM search, and complex Boolean strings. Your own data can be searched as easily as searching the internet, with powerful relevancy, ranking and speed.

More importantly your Recruiters still remain within your CRM database application, so local CRM data from search results can be viewed in context, alongside the historic activities and notes that are highly relevant to selection criteria, whilst Online CVs can be shortlisted or downloaded into the CRM with a single action.

With DaXtra’s integrated search, activities can still be controlled, monitored and reported on, as well as aligned to agreed business resourcing workflows.

Learn more about DaXtra here → www.daxtra.com