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What is Jobscience?

Jobscience: Recruitment software powered by Salesforce.com

Built on Salesforce.com, the world’s #1 CRM, Jobscience is a complete, end-to-end recruitment and staffing management solution. It covers the complete recruitment lifecycle from marketing and sales to billing and payrolling.

It’s completely cloud-based – all you need is an internet browser and an internet connection to access Jobscience. There’s no software to install or upgrade and no technology to maintain.

Jobscience means true end-to-end recruitment.

Explore the features and functionality of Jobscience – click on any of the icons below.


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The difference is clear.

Simply slide left to right to compare life before and after Jobscience.

2cloudnine and Jobscience will take your business further.

 Jobscience is driving real results for real customers.

The Challenge

Prior to engaging with 2cloudnine, Circuit was using a legacy-style on premise solution, but found the solution lacked the flexibility, scalability and complete visibility they required to deliver results to their candidates and their customers.

The management team wanted more visibility and configurability of the system, along with the capacity to grow with the business for a minimum of a decade.

With a view to the future and further expansion in a competitive marketplace, Circuit made the decision to move to a more stable, scalable and flexible solution. Through a collaborative process with 2cloudnine, Ciruit decided on a solution that would last for the long term –  Jobscience.

The Solution

2cloudnine worked with Circuit to migrate an extensive data set out of the existing legacy system to the new Jobscience system, reducing disruption to operations. Both teams collaborated to ensure Jobscience was configured in the most optimal

Consultants from 2cloudnine worked with the Circuit team to build basic reporting functionality and give guidance on advanced reporting, dashboards and enhanced workflows.

The Future

As Jobscience is built on the Salesforce.com platform, future flexibility and enhancements are assured – Salesforce.com operates on a thrice-yearly update cycle, automatically upgrading systems to make them more stable, add additional functionality, and enhance performance.


Lead & Opportunity Management

Get instant clarity on your pipeline. Know where to deploy resources to qualify and build business.


Account & Contact Management

Simple, easy account management. Track multiple interactions through a single, straightforward interface.


Bid Management

Streamline and standardise your bid process. Use data to determine the real reasons for wins and losses.


Account Plans

Build better relationships through automated account management.


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Generate demand easily.

Save time, effort and budget. Automated, personalised, targeted marketing direct to clients and candidates – sent, tracked and measured through the world’s best CRM.


E-marketing: Clients

Keep in touch with those that matter the most – your customers – through automated, personalised e-marketing.


E-marketing: Candidates

Build brilliant, deep relationships with your candidates, contractors/temp. Create communities of talent that are aligned with your brands.


Social Media Tools

Share opportunities, insight and expertise with all of your audiences. Be a known and trusted voice.


Website content

Forge your own identity and use your expertise to enhance your credibility.