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Application Support


Your continued success is our priority

Once we have delivered a business application like Salesforce.com or Jobscience to your team, your business doesn’t stop evolving. Our support team know how to help you maintain and adapt your solution to meet your changing needs.

Our team care to ensure you are continually maximising the benefit from your system, whether that be to onboard new users, win sales opportunities or place great talent.

We offer a range of flexible plans to support the needs of different clients and the way they want to operate. Our team can help you with 24-hour case logging, telephone help, outsourced administration and regular training webinars.

Whether you have a dedicated IT team or a team of dedicated recruiters, we have an option that will suit you. Our support team have extensive experience in recruitment software, understand you requirements and are here to help.

Access our Support Portal

Clients with a current support plan can access our support portal to log a case. Once logged in, log a case by clicking on the “Log a Case” tab at the top, fill out all required fields (ensure you follow the guidelines that are included at the top of the page) and click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.