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Integrated Marketing with Marketing Cloud

The system we work with, www.salesforce.com, is acknowledged as the world’s leading CRM provider.

Salesforce has a marketing product – Marketing Cloud – which brings together all elements of an integrated marketing solution into a single place.

Getting started

Many of our customers are keen to get started with online marketing but are not sure where to begin. There are many online channels to choose from and it’s hard to ensure that all marketing activities are joined up and operating together seamlessly.

We’ve developed a Discovery & Benchmarking programme which helps set current state and develop a clear picture of current presence and reach. Part of this programme includes an action plan and simple toolpack to maximise the effectiveness of your digital marketing programme. These tools can be used in conjunction with Marketing Cloud, can be integrated into your Salesforce.com or Jobscience instance, or can operate completely independently.

Want to find out more? Please contact us through the enquiry form here, or email Richard Raudon.