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Recruitment Process Outsourcing


What we deliver

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) professionals need applications that can be rapidly deployed, are agile enough to fit the unique needs of each of their customers, easily integrate with a range of HRIS systems, provide great tools to measure and analyse trends and allow them to deliver a distinctive service to their customers across the globe.

Salesforce.com provides these unique set of capabilities and our team has the expertise to bring together these set of tools to the advantage of RPOs.

Benefits for our clients

Some of the tangible and measurable benefits for our clients are:

  • Methodology and process specifically designed for recruiters – we get to the heart of your business processes and objectives, faster and with greater understanding.
  • Sophisticated sourcing tools.
  • Salesforce.com platform implementation – no hardware or software required, one platform which also links to social media, accessible via web, mobile, social, highly customisable
  • Native multi-lingual and multi-currency features.
  • Rapid deployment.
  • Ability to leverage the vast range of Salesforce App Exchange applications that provide a vast range of innovations.
  • Manages contingent workforces including complex pay conditions and onboarding needs.
  • Real time insight into the effectiveness of your recruiting efforts with analytic tools – far advanced from legacy recruitment software
  • Sophisticated Employee Onboarding built into the collaboration tools on the Salesforce.com platform helping you to provide a great new starter experience.
  • Ability to measure productivity across sourcing and recruiting teams, identify bottlenecks in your recruitment funnel, track candidate sources, and eliminate ineffective recruitment expenditure.