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Corporate HR


What we deliver

We help some of the world’s leading organisations to source, hire and onboard great talent faster than can be achieved on legacy recruitment software. By utilising the capabilities available in Jobscience and on the Salesforce platform our customers manage their key HR processes from Manager Requisitions to Employee Onboarding whilst relying on the powerful analytics to help them make better decisions on salesforce’s platform.

Our team’s experience provides our customers with guidance into the ways to best leverage the vast capabilities of our tools as we don’t just deliver an ‘out of the box’ solution. As Jobscience is highly customisable, we tailor it to fit the unique needs of your business and staff processes.

Benefits for our clients

Some of the tangible and measurable benefits for our clients are:

  • Methodology and process specifically designed for recruiters – we get to the heart of your business processes and objectives, faster and with greater understanding.
  • Real time insight into the effectiveness of your recruiting efforts with reports and analytics within our talent management system.
  • Salesforce.com platform implementation (providing integration with existing systems, global multi-lingual features, management of complex approval workflows, minimal impact on existing IT infrastructure).
  • Sophisticated Employee Onboarding that is built into the collaboration tools on the Salesforce.com platform helping you to provide a great new starter experience.
  • Ability to measure productivity across sourcing and recruiting teams, identify bottlenecks in your recruitment funnel, track candidate sources, and eliminate ineffective recruitment expenditure.
  • Leverage your organization’s existing investment and skills on the Salesforce.com platform.