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2c9 Billing

Easily manage your billing obligations

2c9 Billing provides the specific tools staffing agencies need to manage their business. From billing and rate calculations to importing timesheets and self-service portals, we provide a seamless end-to-end solution.

With endless customisation options, 2c9 Billing is designed to make it easier for you to do business.

Sophisticated billing engine

Our sophisticated billing engine simplifies your client invoicing requirements, allowing you to easily invoice on top of your payroll transactions or separately. Whether your needs are simple or complex, our built-in automation ensures accuracy and frees you up.

Automatically create invoices and send to clients the way you want to.

Choose to generate invoices with an intuitive user interface that allows you to define filters, and see and select the items in your invoices.

Customise invoices to include your branding, payment terms and key information.

Group and send invoices based on client requirements.

Set up multiple invoice entities in the same organisation, and define different billing and remittance information.

Invoice your temporary and permanent workforce using standard or custom record types.

Issue credit notes and re-invoice clients.

Insert custom tax rates based on your location.

Attach expense claims and timesheets (including approval history) to invoices.

Rate calculator

With 2c9 Billing, our rate calculator allows you to determine bill rates for clients without the need for manual calculations. We automate the entire process so you can invoice correctly every time. 

Define custom pre and post calculation on-costs, including payroll tax, super and WorkCover – plus any custom on-costs you require.

Select on-cost exemptions at the pay code, client and payee levels.

Use flexible margin and markup calculations based on $ or % – all of which can be made date effective.

Add casual and shift loading as needed.

Get detailed on-cost reporting to meet your statutory and compliance requirements.

Enter mass updates of changes to statutory and custom on-cost rates. Say goodbye to entering changes one by one!

Access different pay and invoice calculation methods based on your needs.

2cloudnine Staffing Self Service Portal Mobile and Desktop

User-friendly self-service portals

Whatever your needs, 2c9 Billing offers intuitive self-service portals for employees and clients that are responsive on any device. 

Employees can manage their personal information, enter timesheets, submit expenses and allowances, manage leave and more. 

Clients can quickly and easily approve timesheets, leave, expenses and allowances on the go and in bulk, as well as assign multiple approvers and access detailed reports and dashboards.

Import timesheets from other applications

2c9 Billing easily imports timesheet data directly from third party VMS systems. Because our products are native to Salesforce, you can smoothly integrate your timesheets and manage your payroll and invoicing transactions, all while benefiting from the platform’s world-class security.  

Real-time information

Access staffing reports, dashboards and analysis in real-time. We empower you to make smarter and faster decisions for your business, now and into the future. 

2cloudnine Staffing Real Time Info & Dashboard